Anew Counseling Services LLC

About Me

My experience includes having counseled families in their homes in addition to working in both middle school and high school settings. Being certified as a New Jersey School Counselor, a New Jersey SAC, and Licensed Professional Counselor, helps enable me to provide even more knowledge and expertise to all of my adolescent clients.


There are many different approaches that a counselor can take with individuals and families.  I look at a client's entire life i.e. social, family, personal beliefs, environment, and genetics.  Counselors are based on the Wellness Model, meaning that I as a counselor take into consideration the stage of life you are in and where you are developmentally.

Furthermore, I view mental health as a continuum, where clients should be continuing to the next stage and reaching their highest quality of life.  I believe in and use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.  The basis of this orientation is around the concept of peoples' thoughts affecting their actions and if their thoughts change, their actions can change, even if the situation stays the same.  I use many different strategies and techniques in this school of thought, along with borrowing from others if I believe it will be beneficial for my client.  

My ability to connect with each individual client and form a warm, trusting relationship has helped my clients enjoy and take full advantage of the therapeutic process.

Degrees and Credentials:

Bachelor of Psychology (William Paterson University,2006)

Masters of Education in Counseling (William Paterson University, 2009)

Licensed Professional Counselor

New Jersey School Counselor

New Jersey Student Awareness Coordinator (SAC)

New Jersey Director of Guidance

National Certified Counselor

Approved Clinical Supervisor


American Counseling Association

National Board for Certified Counselors

Bergen County Traumatic Loss Coalition

Bergen County Association of Student Assistance Professionals